A quick guide to white labelling and how it helps brands

A quick guide to white labelling and how it helps brands

What are white Label Solutions In Cosmetics Industry

White label solutions such as those provided by melao, is a procedure, where famous brands around the world come to a manufacturer to get their goods produced. These companies do not make their own products as they don’t own such huge factories. Instead of investing in the machines and factory setup, they give contracts to the manufacturers who produce goods for them and create packaging with labels of the client company.

This strategy helps famous brands to save a lot of money on factory setup and operational expenses. Cosmetics are highly preferred products especially by females. As a result, the global cosmetics market is in trillions. This is a huge opportunity for big brands to capture the market and for that they need bulk production. These cosmetics brands come to several factories in China and ask them to manufacture cosmetics according to the requirements.

One company may give contract to multiple factories depending on the order size. Melao is one such white label company, who makes goods and print labels of other companies on its products. This business is highly profitable due to large order size.

Why do we need to white label products?

We need white label products because not every brand can afford a manufacturing unit due to several reasons such as:

  1. Lacking resources and or raw materials
  2. Lack of large land in the area where the company is located
  3. Insufficient budget for factory setup
  4. Some brands simply not prefer to run a manufacturing unit since it requires lots of personnel for handing it
  5. There’s a possibility that the employees might leak the standards and secret information to the rivals. White label companies don’t leak the details.

How can I get my products white labeled and where?

Getting a product white labelled is very easy. Here’s a quick rundown of the entire procedure:

  1. Choose what products you want to get white labeled.
  2. Search on the internet for top white label manufacturers in China.
  3. Select one that lures you. Alternatively, you can visit an online Chinese marketplace such as Alibaba where buyers and sellers meet.
  4. Send enquiry to several potential manufacturers and get quotes for the most competitive prices.
  5. Place your order and provide any details needed.
  6. Lock the deal and place your order.
  7. Get your order delivery from the manufacturer through any global shipping company such as DHL.

The above process is very lengthy and frustrating. Therefore, here’s a better solution. Visit the official website of Melao and fill the enquiry form. The customer support team will reach out to you and help you assist with your order placement of white label cosmetics. This is the simplest solution to your white labelled cosmetics needs.

Will my product get copied by the competitors through white labeling?

Many brands fear that their private details might get leaked by the white label manufacturers. However, that’s not true. White label manufacturers keep the secret details private because leaking the details will diminish their reputation and they might get kicked out from the business. Brands can file lawsuits against them, which can cause financial loss to the manufacturers.