Cautions To Take When Washing Human Hair Wigs

Cautions To Take When Washing Human Hair Wigs

One More is one of the leading suppliers of wigs human hair. The company sells some of the best products, in a wide range of varieties. While the wigs are incredible, they require proper maintenance to ensure that they last long. A significant part of their care and maintenance is proper washing. This write-up discusses cautions to take when washing human hair wigs.

Cautions to take while cleaning human hair wigs

Washing a human hair wig is not business as usual, like washing your hair. Any wrong moves could significantly affect the quality of your wig or damage it. Below are some cautions you have to take to keep this from happening;

1. Be careful not to stretch or strain the cap

One of the greatest mistakes people make when washing their wigs is not paying attention to the cap. The cap is as vital as the hairs on the wig. Without the cap, you cannot put on the wig. Therefore, you must practice a lot of caution when washing the wig. For instance, do not pull on the cap as it could cause it to stretch. It is imperative to do this if you are working with a wig with a lace cap. Lace is a light material that can tear and stretch easily. You must also be careful about tagging too much at the cap when combing the tangled wig strands. This could cause significant damages to the wig cap.

2. Do not wash a tangled wig

Something else you must do is to ensure that all the tangles are managed before you start washing the wig. This is why combing the wig before you start washing it is essential. Doing this prevents breakage and helps maintain the appearance of the wig. When detangling, you must use the right comb or brush.

3. Avoid soaking or rubbing the wig

Another necessary caution to take is avoiding soaking or rubbing the hair. You may be tempted to soak the wig in water as you wash it. While this may help remove the dirt from all parts of the wig, it may tangle and damage it. The same thing will happen if you rub the wig when washing it.

4. Never apply conditioner to the roots

Something else you must avoid is applying conditioner to the roots of the wig. The conditioner could undo the knots in the cap. If this happens, you will end up losing a lot of hair fibers and reduce the volume of your hair. However, it does not mean that you have to do away with conditioning completely.

5. Use a wig stand for the process

A wig stand is not only great for storing your wig when you are not wearing it. It also comes in handy when washing and drying the wig. Once you have correctly washed the wig, you can place it on the stand to dry.

6. Comb it before it dries

It would also help to wash the wig before it dries. This will keep it from tangling.

Final word

Note that the cautions you must take may differ depending on the type of wig you are working with. For instance, if you have a curly wig, it would be wise to leave it in the hairnet when washing it. This will keep the curls intact.