Specifications & FAQs About Rechargeable Disposables Vapes

Specifications & FAQs About Rechargeable Disposables Vapes

The rechargeable disposable is a new innovation in the world of vapes. These are the latest vaping devices that are gaining popularity rapidly. The rechargeable disposable vape is designed to be used once and then disposed of.

Here are some of the things you need to know about this big disposable vape.

Specifications of a Rechargeable Disposable Vapes

The rechargeable disposable vape pen is a portable device that allows you to enjoy your favorite e-liquids without having to worry about running out of power; while at the same time giving you unbeatable puff counts.

The vape’s specifications include:

650mAh Built-in Battery

The rechargeable disposable vape has a built-in 650mAh battery, which can last for about 6000 puffs. With such a large capacity and a high-efficiency chip, the battery can be charged several times during a one day use.


The vape can be recharged with a USB cable. You need to connect it to your PC or laptop while it's charging. You, however, don’t have to use either of these devices, you can as well connect the USB cable to any USB port outlet on your wall sockets.

Type-C Fast Charge

Type-C is a fast technology adopted for the latest electrical devices. The fast charge technology enables you to fully charge the vape in just one hour. No more waiting time!

12ml Pre-filled E-juice

This disposable vaporizer contains pre-filled e-liquids with a 5% nicotine level, which is sufficient for satisfying almost 6000 puffs per cartridge. The cartridges are however not refillable yet and so they get replaced after a single use.

Why Recharge a Disposable Vape?

The first thing to understand is that the term “disposable” can be misunderstood. A disposable e-cigarette simply means one that you throw away after a single use, or after it runs out of battery life. This can be anywhere from one day to several weeks depending on how often you use it and how much you vape.

But the fact that its rechargeable means you only dispose of it after you run out of e-liquid. So, despite being a disposable vape, this specific vape comes with a higher puff count, so, you’ll need to recharge it to ensure you vape out the last drop of e-liquid.

How Long Does a Rechargeable Disposable Last?

This vape is a new model in the industry, though they have already gained massive popularity. Their last period varies based on the manufacturers, but since their introduction earlier in 2022, the rechargeable disposable vapes came with an average 6000 puff count and a battery capacity of 650mAh.

The puff count is quite high as compared to other e-cigarettes, but even then, the exact last period is based on how you vape. For instance, you can't compare a veteran vaper's style to a beginner's. So, the last period varies and is not really an approximate figure.


There are many new products readily available for people who desperately want to quit smoking. Online vape stores provide a large selection of vape pens and disposable e-cigs that have become an alternative choice for smokers. These easily affordable e-cigarettes can be used whenever and wherever you like without any inconvenience. However, among the different models, these rechargeable disposable vapes are worth buying as they begin to replace traditional cigarettes which are packed with harmful chemicals.