The Most Compact Folding Treadmill that you Must Know

The Most Compact Folding Treadmill that you Must Know

Are you still trying to figure what’s the best treadmill for your daily workouts at home? Let’s talk about the WalkingPad X21 today. Apparently, this is an extremely compact treadmill that has a double folding mechanism. But is it really worth it and perform well, and who is it best for? Let's get into that!

Fits for Small Spaces

This indoor walking machine is designed for those who live in a condo, an apartment or a relatively small space given that most treadmills you see at gyms won’t work at these places. The X21 makes sure that you will have a space for it by just shoving it over in any corner or in a closet even if there’s not much room available.

When laid out, it’s 55.9in long, 28in wide, and 39.6 roughly inches high. After folding, it transformed from a roughly 56in up to 9in long. How did it do that? So it folds in half on the deck, and then it also folds again at the top of the deck, for it to be basically vertical underneath the console. And the uprights don't move, but it folds up. It’ll only take up a small space if you put it vertical.

Also, don’t need to worry about moving it around. With the help of front transportation wheels, so you can wheel it around when it's folded up. It’s one of the lightweight treadmills you can find as it only weights£93 and made out of aluminum while handles users up to £240, and this is actually an outstanding weight capacity considering how lightweight and small this one is.

Walking at Home

The WalkingPad X21 has a one horsepower motor the motor is fairly quiet so you should be able to use it in pretty much all space faces it is a treadmill though so it does generate sound and with that motor size, it’s more recommended primarily for walking so it's not really best for heavier use. It's kind of better for more moderate to lighter use. We really recommend it just for walking.

However it does go up to 7 and a half miles per hour. Most users will be able to jog and run as well. But do try not to use the model at that 7.5 mile per hour max for a long period of time. And the deck is definitely. It is functional, especially with that folding mechanism.

It does has a fold hinge there which is kind of like a little bump. But you’ll get used to it and the more you use it, the less chances that you’ll notice it. It does not affect your performance after all.

Easy to Use

The front led panel is the console that reads all of your workout metrics. You can easily see everything from your time, speed, distance, and estimated calories. The treadmill is adjusted with this knob. So you can press down on it to start the deck, press down on it to pause to also end your workout. And then you can turn it clockwise to increase the speed and counterclockwise to decrease the speed. The dial is really where you have the main functionality of using the treadmill. It's pretty easy and intuitive. Without fancy and complex buttons, the dial Is easy to use and intuitive.

You can download the KS fit app. It's free. And you can be able to track your workouts using the app, like on your phone or your tablet.


All in all, the WalkingPad X20 one is a super compact treadmill. It has that double folding mechanism so it can really be either pushed over against a wall or stored in a closet out of sight. All of the above mentioned pros makes it a great option for minimal spaces. You’ll like how easy it is to use with that dial and stream your electronic devices while walking.