Wesbury Discontinues Services at Hillside Home

Hillside Home has been providing services to Meadville and the surrounding community for nearly 111 years. Over that time, Hillside Home transitioned from an orphanage to a personal care facility. Today, we find ourselves at a point where we must again adjust our path. Declining census coupled with rising operational costs has made it difficult to continue operating Hillside Home as a personal care facility. Therefore, the Wesbury Hillside Home Administration and Board of Directors have made the difficult decision to close Hillside Home.

"Wesbury is always looking for the best ways to serve its residents as well as those living in the surrounding community. It is important to all of us to be able to offer the highest quality of care we can, in an environment that meets the needs and expectations of those who turn to us for support," says Brian Nageotte, Wesbury President and CEO.

The Department of Human Services' regulations require residents and families to receive at least thirty (30) days advance notice of a planned closing. We will begin the closing process now and will take the following measures. Hillside Home and Wesbury leadership will work with each family to develop a strategy to minimize the inconvenience and hardships to residents during this transitional period. The primary focus is to provide uninterrupted care and a smooth transition for all Hillside Home residents. In-depth assessments and discussions will be held individually with each resident and their family/responsible party to find the most appropriate setting within the Wesbury Community or to another facility of their choosing. Wesbury will honor all Hillside contract arrangements for those who wish to move to Wesbury's main campus.

The Administration and Board of Directors are also concerned with how this decision impacts the staff. Their dedication and commitment to Hillside is greatly appreciated and has helped to delay this process for several years. We will work with each employee to offer suitable employment opportunities within the Wesbury Community.

"It has been an honor for Hillside to provide a caring home to so many wonderful residents as well as peace of mind to their family members. We are also grateful to the community for supporting us with referrals, volunteers, and charitable donations. While the future of the building is unknown at this time, we are hopeful that it will continue to be used to serve the Meadville community in some way," notes Cathi Hanson, Administrator, Hillside Home.

If you have any questions, please contact Larry Marsteller, Cribbs Residential Center Administrator, at (814) 332-9520 or by email at lmarsteller@wesbury.com.

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